Tips for selling a home February 7, 2023

5 home buyer PET PEEVES to avoid when selling your house!

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                                              Written by: Matthew Fernandez | CENTURY 21 ICON

If you’re getting your home ready for an open house…

or to sell in general, here are 5 common home buyer pet peeves that you can easily avoid.

Fact: By making these simple changes you can immediately and drastically change the show-ability of your home.

Purchasing a home, as you have obviously been through before, is a very emotionally charged process. These purchasers want to walk through a home and envision the potential of living out their lives within your house’s quaint walls. So the following 5 points have been identified as things that WILL take away from the consumer experience when walking through your home.


Open concept living room

1. Let there be light.

Do I open the blinds and turn on the lights?

It is something so simple, but I often walk through homes with clients and find that not a single blind or shade was opened, nor were all the lights turned on. Not only does this provide a gloomy vibe throughout your home, but it also makes the spaces within feel small. The addition of natural and artificial light will make the rooms of your home feel larger to clients when walking through. It is a simple fix but an effective one to say the least.

Granite counter tops

2. Declutter counter tops.

What do I do with the air fryer?

If you’re anything like me you have the air fryer, ninja blender, toaster, waffle maker, and a slew of other handy appliances out and ready for use at all times. While I commend and love the fact that you’re a self made chef, we need to show off your gorgeous granite, marble, quartz tops. So I recommend wrapping those up and packing them into the pantry for showings and open houses.

Cat scratch post

3. Hide the litter box.

Should my pet’s stay for the open house?

I am an avid animal lover, but many people looking to buy do not have the same affinity for the Doggos and Cats of this world. That in mind, I recommend during open houses you tuck away any animal toys, litter boxes, scratch posts, or things of kin. As well let’s give our furry friends some fresh air. Maybe to the park or schedule a grooming appointment. The age old adage goes, “if it is out of site, then it is out of mind.” This could keep buyers from taking a harder and more scrutinous look at potentially scratched hardwood floors, chewed moldings, and any of the other common imprints animals leave on our homes.

Power washing vinyl siding

4. Give the house a bath.

Is a power washing really worth it?

You know it, I know it, my mom knows it. As sure as it will rain, you will find yourself staring at algae build up year after year on the North side siding of your home. Potentially on the other three sides as well if its been a while since your last professional power washing. We know this is not a massive issue, if addressed promptly. But to potentially less informed first time home buyers this could seem to mean that new siding is needed. I know it may sound ridiculous but it happens. It could stop someone from making a full price offer on your home, if they choose to submit one at all. Most home exterior soft washes cost around $350 for the standard 2,000 sqft home. A small price to pay to potentially save you thousands when its time to sell. Try Noble Power Washing if you’re on Long Island, NY.

cluttered Living room

5. Declutter your walls.

Should you take down your family photos?

This is the hardest pet peeve I’d like to address. It is particularly difficult to approach because it’s a huge part of what makes a house a home. But in the same vein it’s what makes it YOUR home. We’re talking family photos, sports memorabilia, degrees and other personal items hung on the walls. You don’t need to remove everything. But I’d say it’s best to have around an 80% exposed sheet rock to hung photo ratio. When a buyer walks through your home and the walls are riddled with precious family moments it makes it hard for them to envision their memories to be made there in. Even with our more creative buyers able to see past that, they’re then left thinking, “wow they have a lot of photos, that is so many holes we would have to patch up.” So head on down to Home depot’s paint department, pick up a tube of spackle and a nice neutral color to freshen up the space.


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