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Major Brokerage Being Sued In Section 8 Lawsuit

The latest on a major Section 8 lawsuit happening in New York.


A major lawsuit is currently underway with one of New York’s biggest brokerage firms involving a violation of the Section 8, Fair Housing Act.


The lawsuit claims that a woman named Shaniqua Newkirk was either not receiving a response to her emails regarding information on Section 8 housing or not being given the proper assistance when trying to learn more about housing options.


Another claim was that she was trying to use a voucher to help her find a home, but the voucher would eventually expire before they were able to offer her the help she needed.


The brokerage involved in the lawsuit allegedly did not “prominently and conspicuously” display the link on their website that happens to be required by city law. 


Multiple agents were quoted as saying that they “don’t even know what sec 8 means” and that they “don’t have any record of ever receiving it” when referring to the alleged email that they had received.


Some agents in the lawsuit initially responded to Newkirk’s request but never followed up with her when she responded while others responded to her but said they couldn’t offer much help.


The case is still ongoing. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us to better understand the implications that laws surrounding Section 8 housing and programs may have on you and your home(s) if you plan on renting out any residential real estate in New York.


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